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Sasuke fucks Karin hardcore

After using her glorious mouth and tongue to thoroughly wet Sasuke’s large pecker, Karin spreads her legs for a pussy penetration. Her leg is lifted high into the air so that Sasuke’s meat can piston in and out of her juicy hole. Karin can only moan and take it as her cunt is punished by Sasuke’s amazing rod. Before Sasuke can come inside the pulsating channel, he pulls his prick out so he can cream all over Karin’s pretty face, coating her lips, cheeks and eyes with his fat load and watching with joy as she licks it.

Karin gets rammed by Sasuke

Karin is a little shy about getting naked with Sasuke Uchiha, but her apprehension soon dissolves. Taking Karin to a back room, Sasuke removes his pants to reveal a gigantic cock that is leaking from the tip. Karin is overtaken by desire, and she immediately jumps on the prick with her mouth. She sucks hard and uses her hand to bring Sasuke even more pleasure. When the mighty bone is hard and wet, Karin lets Sasuke thrust it into her pussy. After a hardcore pounding, Karin sucks on the boner again to get a mouthful of jizz.